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Our Philosophy

Each year 40% of all small businesses started will end up failing in their first year of operation.  Of course each business that sets out to “do it better” will most likely fall into the same pitfalls that their cohorts experience.  
Why is this?  
This is due to a myriad of reasons; some of which include:
·     a lack of honesty with one’s self, their capabilities and their idea

·     a lack of true research and asking “the right” questions

·     a lack of planning and setting reasonable goals

·     not knowing who their true customer is (assuming EVERYONE is their customer)

·     understanding their key differentiator and their “So What” factor

·     conceiving their “idea/baby” but not knowing how to give birth to it or even raise it

·     not understanding key channels and ways to work around the obstacles that exist

·     and the list goes on and on

If I have talked you out of your dream of owning or continuing on with your small business – then good!  
My approach is to ‘get real’ with you and help you see past the pixie dust and grand illusions that many fall in love with when they embark on their quest for entrepreneurship.  It doesn’t mean you’re not the one to bring your idea to market.  However, it does mean that you deserve to do it in a fashion that will gain you the best outcome possible with the least amount of energy expended.
TAO Consulting’s model is based on a holistic approach to creating (and in some cases - recreating) and growing your business; taking into consideration the multiple facets that affect your business.  
This model is called ASE – ASSESS    STRATEGIZE    EXECUTE