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About Us

TAO Consulting was founded in 2007 by Jason Brinkerhoff. His entrepreneurial experience has included both sole and partnership related businesses.  He possesses a wealth of knowledge in various business sectors, including: financial, manufacturing, retail, commercial, consulting, online, B2B, and restaurant services.  His latest endeavor includes the Cricut, the global leader in personal cutting systems with over 1 Million units currently on the market in over 20 countries.  
His passion includes consulting and coaching small businesses of all types and helping them move past the quagmires that can often stall a business’ progression.  He constantly receives accolades from his clients and past business partners due to his no-nonsense and straightforward approach.  He is mostly sought out for his ability to see the “big picture” and provide a roadmap for a business to succeed. In addition, his vast knowledge in online marketing, technical computing, hard goods manufacturing, and channel development aides in expediting a business’ entry to market.
He holds a BA in International Finance with a Minor in Mandarin Chinese.

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